Friday, September 09, 2005


Nobody knows what the hell I am talking about. Hell, I don't even know what I am talking about. I always went with white machines, I like white. I'm not going to buy no manual, especially. How old is the machine? Too used to the ones that pop in on the side. This one actually sits down, you know, and has like three different things to keep the bobbin from moving, and it still moves. Pain in the ass. Throw the machine away and get another. You shouldn't have to do anything to the bobbin. The needle does the rest. Think I could find it in an encyclopedia? Hmmmmm, manual found, I mean, comeon, it is their own damn company. You know, come on, you ain't have the bobbin, you ain't sewin. It's the bobbin, mmm, hmmm, you find it, email it with the order. Haha.

Would you like me to order the book?

No, I'm stayin right here. I'll figure it out, figured everything else out. Yeah, much I'll have to shave it down a little bit, whatever. Thing is still moving. Fixed that needle doesn't move no more. I don't know...

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