Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Summary of Tuesday

  • Clueless Mom: We're looking for the pilot to Animal Farm. (plot- Cliffs Notes)
  • I want books on how I can get a job in a bank.
  • Do you have Home Alone in Spanish?
  • Do you have books on how to play the piano in Spanish?
  • How can I contact the person who is doing the Day of the Dead presentation here? I want to buy some sugar skulls.
  • You heard of a book called Da Vinci Code? How would you spell that?
  • Can you call a cab for me?
  • Hey, you should check this site out. Hands me a slip of paper- thestatenislandboys.com
  • Can I use your computer? My computer went haywire this morning. Colleague- that's unpleasant.
  • I can't wait till Christmas. My birthday is on Christmas. I get two presents.
  • Do you have cookbooks in Spanish?
  • Where is the Amtrak station?
  • I'd like to sign up for a restroom, uh, I mean a computer.
  • Do you have books on how I can write a business plan?
  • Do you have a passbook on how I can be a dietician?
  • Do you have a study guide for the peril test? (payroll)
  • I need information about witchcraft during 3500 BCE.
  • Citizenship books.
  • Encyclopedia Brittanica and Encyclopedia Americana.
  • (Can I use a computer?) times 100.

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