Saturday, October 01, 2005

Headache Material

Today the fire department had their annual open house. Complete with balloons and bagpipes. Major headache material. I went home @ lunch to take Aleve and crashed. Fell completely asleep. Today's insanity:

  • 80 year old woman wants JA Jance's Kiss of the Bees. Not pretty, huh.
  • Barrons.
  • Back issue of Newsweek, the only one we don't have. Typical.
  • Scholarly journals.
  • Medical books, any kind.
  • Where is the bathroom, times 100.
  • Take the phone outside, times 100.
  • How much are prints, times 100.
  • No, you don't need to sign up for the computer, times 100.
  • Arabic man who didn't show up for my class wants to know where he can attend nursing school for free. Then he signs up for mouse and internet classes, he knows both.
  • HS girl wants manga: Kane Karo Kana, I don't know, I'll never know or care about that genre.
  • Blind woman wants Drawing in Perspective.
  • Where is the special location for Everyone Poops?
  • Weeding bios, found tons of inscriptions. Sadly, all in Spanish.
  • William Glasser, Reality Therapy. Did someone steal it?
  • Books on lowriders as well as postpartum depression.
  • Science fair: Color and the Brain. Frank does some research and finds color enhances sexuality. Girls giggle. Frank was looking for a correlation between color and concentration.
  • How old do you have to be to get a card?
  • Where can I camp around here?
  • Guy who thinks he just won a car needs the fax with the confirmation. He never received it and can't reach his "friend" who sent it. Frank says he hates to the bearer of bad news like this.
  • Boy asks for large print pocket dictionary. He says he usually asks for Websters.
  • Section for Janet Avonovich.
  • ValueLine
  • Video for Namesake.
  • Outlet for computer.
  • Girls want "big thick book about the west."
  • Woman wearing shirt that says Alcatraz- Psycho Ward, Outpatient.
  • Teen guy needs practice pronouncing-- "two box" i.e., Tupac, and "steal our rights," i.e. Still I Rise.

Goodnight! No more bagpipes please.

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