Thursday, October 27, 2005

Internet Librarian Hilites

Air SAM (Sesame and Muppet) is great to fly. Sam Eagle is painted on the plane; Beakie is the pilot. However, don't fly it if you ever want to see your luggage again. I should have taken the advice from Meet the Parents- never check your luggage!

Monterey is like Ireland and Cabot Cove. Once I finally arrived...

  • I listened to the movie stars of the search world: Mary Ellen Bates, Greg Notess, Gary Price, Lee Rainie...
  • Several audience members live blogged the whole thing.
  • Keywords of the conference: podcasting, RSS, wiki. Last year it was blog.
  • Ask Jeeves still tries to keep up with Y! and G.
  • Fun prizes (will picture) from
  • Awesome Microsoft woman admits she carries a powerbook wherever she goes. I hope she has a job when she gets home.
  • And, friends from grad school came! I'm the only one with a blog about the liberry though.


Liz said...


Well, I'm only a "Microsoft woman" for a year, after which I go back to my tenured professorship in I'm not too worried.

But even if I wasn't, don't forget that Microsoft actually *makes* Mac software, and thus there are quite a few people who have Macs. :)

Thanks for the nice words...

The Liberry aka Amy said...

Thanks, Liz, she who is number 3 in a G search for Liz... you rock!