Friday, October 07, 2005

Mr. By the Way

I feel like asking him where the hell is your job coach?!


He always starts, by the way, uh hmmm, um, do you have pictures of executions? Shoplifters? Army supply stores? Lists of people on death row and the dates they'll die? Military store and the place they get the shackles? Big 5? Got any info about the WCW, at the sports arena, ticket master? Oh yeah, the t-shirt too, with the logo? I'm gonna be in the front row seat.


All of these requests are during different visits; he circles the liberry several times.


the stealthy librarian said...

zqjdmnYah, that's just creapy. Like the patron we have who for a while was obsessed with finding stuff about human decomposition.

the stealthy librarian said...

oops, I somehow got my "verification letters" in my comment.

The Liberry aka Amy said...

Actually, zqjdmnYah is the way he speaks. I thought you were being funny!