Friday, October 07, 2005


We have a new mural on the back wall near the literacy center. Paula, Frank, and Katie (she's worked here 25+ years) are on it. Who should really be there?

  1. Max-- front and center with James Bond book and stack of DVDs
  2. Mr. Seeeee Ya Later
  3. Mr. where are School House Rock and Nascar books
  4. Mr. Indian book
  5. Mr. Kissy Hotcake
  6. Avon Lady
  7. Russian man in his shiny red scooter in high gear
  8. Man who likes asking obscure questions like what does the name Florence correspond to in animals
  9. Mr. No-Problem Arabic man
  10. Group of boys who ask for Bruce Lee movies
  11. Guy who sits in corner and coughs, never says anything
  12. Man from Iraq -- Frank always helps him
  13. Whiny girl- will you do my work for me?
  14. Military man -- plays games on a black screen
  15. Mr. I'm so happy to see you, help me with
  16. Kumebayah lyrics outdoorsy man
  17. Mr. turn off the computer screen and stare
  18. A few sex offenders (local color)
  19. Attention starved math guy
  20. Old man with skinny gray ponytail who took all my computer classes. He is friends with wheelchair lady, #37.
  21. Creep who wrote me love letter-- perfect picture, ask Marian
  22. Mr. Hmmmmmmm, by the way, do you have books on criminals, wears outrageous belts.
  23. Deaf boys and their friend who stole DVD
  24. Retired paratrooper with walker.
  25. Guy who made me origami treasures, and to put it nicely, is always glued to the internet
  26. Ebay man who wears sail boats navy t-shirt, unless he's with his girlfriend
  27. Bold Irish Creep- I keep expecting to find him on sex offender list
  28. Grumpy suspenders guy- his hobby is to complain about ANYTHING
  29. Conspiracy guy
  30. FOTL who donated stuffed cat to kids area; she used to be a grump until I killed her with kindness.
  31. The loud woman with the NY accent and her sister who never says a word
  32. Old lady who plays bingo and solitaire every day
  33. Paranoid woman who thinks she is being stalked
  34. Eclectic movie man
  35. Guy who has EVERYTHING on order, especially DVD's
  36. Girl who likes to come and chat with us and her mother
  37. Lady who pushes empty wheelchair and looks at bio database all day
  38. Woman who knows how to cause a scene, like the time she lost her bag-- what does it look like? That's your job.
  39. How could I forget, hilarious man from Congo
  40. Woman who thinks she dated a relative of Robert MacNamara way back when
  41. DRF man
  42. Local history curmudgeon
  43. Reading group lady
  44. Goth girl
  45. Man with the green hat- always 1st to walk in every am directly to the magazines
  46. 80 year old Girl Scout who never orders more than 3 CDBs at a time
  47. Mr. I Can't Read
  48. Man with white hat- first on internets everyday, reeks of smoke, speaks Spanish to Frank
  49. Three sisters who spend hours on computer
  50. Sister and brother who spend too much time on computers too; sometimes they bring in their younger red headed brother
  51. Miss when is the next knitting and calligraphy class
  52. Cerebral palsy guy who invited all of us to his birthday party
  53. ESL women who think it is hilarious they are failing
  54. The "job coaches" who do nothing
  55. Napoleon Dynamite
  56. Criminal who is writing his biography about his claim to fame in the 70s (I wish I could provide details)
  57. Sci-fi lady I see in Michael's
  58. Cute YA girl I see at the movies
  59. Old retired guy with British accent who orders BBC DVDs
  60. Girl in wheelchair with newborn baby
  61. Arabic 6th grade kid & mother with permanent scowl
  62. Arabic guys in their 20s who watch Yahoo videos all day
  63. Arabic teen girls
  64. Mr. when are you going to make the next announcement, always wears blue button down shirt like gas station attendant would wear
  65. lady with long brown hair
  66. Ozzy Osbourne fan
  67. Volunteer who shelves paperbacks; makes tough decisions
  68. The man who wants to research all the types of beards and beard conventions.
  69. Russian girl who speaks a zillion languages
  70. SETI woman
  71. Guy who reeks of smoke, slurs language, plays games
  72. Annoying guy who always must say Hi Amy, but gets up immediately when I make announcements (really, that picture is the perfect imitation)
  73. Sweaty guy with curly hair who orders VHS, sometimes brings girlfriend
  74. Mostly blind girl and brother
  75. Security guard
  76. Woman with squeaky walker who gets songbooks
  77. Pancho Villa, Grand Canyon, Colorado River woman
  78. Tall guy who goes to community college- books about child development and how can I work at the liberry?
  79. Sunday classifieds lady
  80. Red haired bike helmet guy who turns our screens
  81. Women who have us print Clay Aiken photos
  82. Strawberry Shortcake woman
  83. Wizard of Oz woman- we print pictures for her painting, she imitates the Wicked Witch of the West's laugh
  84. The only hs guy who attends YA programs
  85. Where's the purple book, was it stolen guy
  86. Guy who calls our LII promoted LIII hey fatty!
  87. Skinny skateboarder dude with puffy hair, chatting all day
  88. HS girl in black sweatshirt who orders Juv ATs every Sat.
  89. Old man with stack of random papers of all titles he wants to read
  90. Man who wants books about making candles, new books
  91. Vietnam vet who wants to dictate a letter to Oprah about being on her show
  92. OED guy, probably dead
  93. Chomsky guy, friends with #85
  94. Engineering guy who wears long sleeved white shirt and jeans, never says a word
  95. Our computer techs, not a day passes when I don't call them!
  96. Girl and husband want Porky Pig, and all TV shows, ask our LII-LIII waaaay personal questions, I can't mention here
  97. Man with green John Deere hat
  98. Woman with graying brown shoulder length hair, solitaire player
  99. Old man with all the plastic bags attached to his belt, does MS Word
  100. Woman who manages her own wheelchair (not electric) in the mystery book club
  101. Little white girl who asks for gangsta rap CDs
  102. Nice ancient gay guy and partner
  103. Sweet older man with Eastern European accent who wants Standard & Poors
  104. Odd guy who wants to research Buddhism and other random topics, lives across street (with many of the characters, I'm sure)
  105. Marian's "super cute guy with Union Jack tattoo-- he only came in once but I will never forget him" (and I think that's fiction)
  106. Handsome young Euro dude who wants to be an actor; even Frank says he's hot. (Frank is not gay but seems to be hit on by a lot of guys)
  107. Blonde European hs guy who rode his bike to the liberry every day to do email.

Just realized this will have to be way more than a mural! I never knew I had so many "friends."


Marian The said...

Amy, I am shocked that you would doubt my story of the supercute guy.
Just ask [part-time librarian who moved away]; SHE was there!

The Liberry aka Amy said...

Was that when the Tooth Fairy came? Just kidding!

the stealthy librarian said...

Wait. There is a mural of *the librarians* on the wall??? Somehow that just seems really odd to me. Why not make a mural of great authors or something. That would make more sense.

But what do I know?

The Liberry aka Amy said...

I know, I'm glad I'm not immortalized on the wall. A FOTL gave money in her will; she's on it too.