Saturday, October 08, 2005

Off with their heads

As I weed, I like to say off with their head--

  • Little Richard
  • Mary Lou Retton
  • Art Linkletter
  • JLo, Ricky Martin, Mandy Moore, and Britney, not weeded, surprised they are still there
  • Bela Lugosi, looks just like Count Von Count
  • Courtney Love(d) to death- book in pieces
  • Tim McCarver, a baseball guy
  • Ed McMahon, we have an updated one
  • Nelson Mandela one has reader's note: "trouble in the forest"
  • Maxine Marx- note says pages are falling out, dated 1985; why did we still have that one? Off with its head
  • Ethel Merman
  • Christopher Milne (interesting, must have named Christopher Robin after himself)
  • Splendid Poseur, Joaquin Miller- note says Devin Gregory, poet, read this, January 2003
  • Phyllis Newman
  • Nixon- has an index card that reads-
Now am I supposed to feel about the things I've done
I dunno if I should stay or turn around and run
The only love I ever knew I threw it all away
My smile is an open wound without you.

(Pretty good poem I must say).
  • Leslie Nielsen
  • Beyond Uhura- Star Trek and Other Memories, Nichelle Nichols
  • Mabel- Hollywood's First I Don't Care Girl
  • Annie Oakley- bookmark says I'm in a reading moooooooood!
  • Apparently Rosie O'Donnell still has fans; same with Dolly Parton and Donny/Marie Osmond
  • Kim Novak: Reluctant Goddess
  • Measure of Man, Poitier's bio- postcard reads: Dear Colleen, Gene told me you weren't coming to the reunion and I'm so sorry to hear that. Max, Patricia, and Malcolm are all coming. You could have had a reunion within a reunion. William's son Mark called me Sat and said him, his 2 younger sisters, andWilbur will be coming. Paul, his oldest son is awaiting a 2nd kidney transplant. He had one ten or twelve years ago. We'll miss your lively, smiling face and was hoping to meet your "kids." Love, Blanche

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Marian The said...

I think Christopher Milne is the son of A.A. Milne, who wrote the Pooh books. So I guess his dad named Christopher Robin after him.