Friday, October 14, 2005

Tales about Max from HQ

At first (ten years ago) Max scared the heck out of me. But as time went by I began to worry if didn't see him for a while. When I didn't see him at the branch I would see him walking by the Credit Union. He seems to hang out somewhere in that area. I still see him in the area roaming the streets. There were times that he would disappear for months at a time and then lo and behold he would be waiting at the front door...

I think that we all have a Max story that we can share. My favorite is the day he was standing in the middle of nowhere yelling at the top of his lungs saying "you are a racist, fascist beep, beep, beep....... There was no one anywhere near him.. Then he said, "if you want a piece of me go ahead and swing....." There was no one there, then he turned around and walked out!!!!

One time I was in the Barnes & Noble. I heard a voice I recognized and looked up to see Max! He said, "Excuse me, but where do you keep the Four Sports Stadium Guide?" I don't know if it was a legitimate question or if he was just pulling my leg - sometimes it was hard to tell with him! I just laughed and said. "Hi, Max!" and he wandered away... :)

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