Tuesday, October 11, 2005

We try not to make it too comfortable, but we failed

My tech friend says Amy, you just missed a good one- this guy was sound asleep on the stall. I looked under the door and saw his feet and pants rolled down to his ankles. I knocked on the door and said wake up! He said, I'm up, I was not asleep. I said, yes you were; I heard you snoring. Finish your business and get out!


the stealthy librarian said...

That's awesome. I laughed out loud.

I don't think I'll be going to the Internet Librarian deal. It sounds fun, but actually I'm switching fields. I'm in a Marriage and Family Therapy masters program right now. London does sound fun though.

Sorry I stole your "not a service we provide" line. :-) I didn't even realize it. The line is so perfect. :-)

The Liberry aka Amy said...

Oh wow, I'm going to the one in Monterey though. Thought you'd be in the area. I'd love to go to London though. Absolutely use NOT A SERVICE WE PROVIDE and WOULD YOU FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE IF WE CALLED THE COPS?!