Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bernice v. Angry Customer

Bernice came back from lunch armed to argue with the angry customer of the day. She was "fired up" on hot sauce. The assignment was to call "Mr. Smith" because he had already argued with the branch for over half an hour about The World is Flat. Because there are 86 people on the waiting list, we can't renew it for you. (He probably thinks the world is flat). So Bernice listens to him yell-- My dad told me to share and share alike. If I have to wait six minths for the book, others should too. Come on, would you be logical. It's lots of pages.

Bernice: I'm sorry they didn't explain the policy at the branch, I understand, I'm sorry, I understand... I do not have the authority to solve your problem.

Then Bernice passes the torch to our Deputy Director. DD somehow kills him with kindness. At the end of the conversation, Mr. Smith said have a nice day, Happy Thanksgiving, and please send my apologies to Bernice. DD: It's unfortunate, that's her full time job. People yell at her all day every day.

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