Wednesday, November 02, 2005

My Cast of Characters

My cast of characters hasn't left the liberry, some/all probably haven't even noticed their director has left. But, THANK GOD my colleagues provide updates (yes, that's a service they do provide so I can be virtually there)--

Frank writes, "Max is alive and well and still talking to himself. I've been seeing him around the library since then. Our page said he met him this morning in the grocery store. Max asked him, "Where you going, all dressed up?" Our page said he was just going to work. Max said,"Ok, I'll see you over there pretty soon." Looks like he's back to his normal schedule. When I asked him last week where he'd been, he told me he was home watching his movies. In fact, just about the whole cast of characters is still around."

Sarah says, "he still can't remember my name!" She tried to give him the book review newspaper, but he said those aren't my kind of books. Then what are? James Bond.

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