Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Please Exit

I miss the announcements over the PA before closing- The liberry is closing in thirty minutes. If you'd like to apply for a card, fill out the form @ the Circus Desk. If you'd like to check out materials, go to the other Circus Desk, have your card ready. If you need help finding material, go to the Liberrian's Circus Desk.

Same announcement repeated @ 15, 10, & 5 minutes. Then another one at closing-- The library is now closed. We will reopen tomorrow @ 10.

When my friend Katie would do the announcement, she'd add- Thank you for visiting us; please exit through the main lobby (a la Disneyland).

When I told her I missed her sarcasm, she remarked one day she'll say:

Check out and get the heck out!


kerrylg said...

I've always been fond of SF versions:
Klingon: The library is closing. Get out!

Darth Vader: Leave now or learn the true power of the Dark Side.

carlitabay said...

We play songs for the last 5 minutes. We try to play something annoying and loud but not TOO annoying for staff. A good song we have played is, "Hit the Road, Jack!"