Monday, December 12, 2005

City Liberry

Today after work I stopped by the local city liberry to pick up 2 books I had ordered. I asked if they were in, and the woman checks the holdshelf-- nothing-- and says did we call you?

me-- Um, no, I didn't know you would. That's ok, I'll stop by after you call.

Ten minutes later I'm in the grocery store and my cell phone rings-- the message was that my liberry books were ready for pickup.

Isn't that something, they didn't unpack/make the calls until 10 minutes AFTER I left. I didn't feel like returning to the branch; I decided to save that for another day.

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Kate said...

I use Library Elf, and it notifies me as soon as my items are ready for pickup. It really freaks the clerks out that I always know that my materials have arrived before they get around to calling me. I could tell them how I know, but it's too much fun having them think that I'm psychic or something.