Sunday, December 11, 2005

Frank saves the day, again

Story from Tara--

Tara was working the ref desk yesterday when the hard of hearing man came in. He said, I'm 91... do you have the definition of 'common sense'? Tara found it for him in the dictionary and read/screamed it off. Then he pulled out a tape recorder and had her read it into it. He replayed it, top volume, and was upset that she didn't read it correctly or something wrong... Tara handed it over to our sub, Kathy. Poor Kathy, comes in about 2x a month... went through the same thing. Kathy yells to Tara-- get Frank!

Frank came out and as soon as the man saw him everything was solved. He calmed down, and Frank escorted him out. On the way out, the man asked Frank about the bus. So, who knows where the man with or without common sense went.

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