Sunday, December 18, 2005

Job Titles-- story from our LIII

Everyone who works in a hospital is not a doctor, and everyone who works in a library is not a liberrian!

Last week I attended the FOL meeting. The branch manager normally attends also, but was not there. In looking at the agenda, the FOL Pres said, "Our liberrian is not here tonight, so I guess we won't have a liberry report." I raised my hand and said, "Well, actually I'm the liberrian and I do have a report." They listened, but did not write anything down. Later, someone suggested they could buy a book cart to put in front of the liberryy to display their books for sale. They wondered if that would be OK. I told them other branches do it, and it is fine. The Pres said, "Well, we'll just wait and ask the liberrian."

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