Thursday, December 29, 2005

Liberrians are paid to answer...

Do cows have kneecaps?

What was Benjamin Franklin's favorite color?

Why are donut boxes pink?

What is a shit talking mushroom? i.e. shataki mushroom

What is the execretory system of a moose and how does it work?

What happens if you eat too many calories?

I need information on the two hemiphere's of the brian.

What happened during Paul Reverses Ride? I need the answer.

Which beaches are near to Baltimore? In case I go to Ocean City, wherecan i sleep that be cheap, as i am student?

how we take a paper book to our home from the big book place?

I recently had a sinus infection, that I think I'm currently gettingover but now I have a really itchy throat, causing me to cough alotand sometimes gag myself. DO you think this is normal to follow asinus infection?

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