Monday, January 23, 2006

Menu of Services We Provide

I found this in my liberry files. It's from

Carol Hole, "Fees for Library Services." The Whole Library Handbook. Comp. George Eberhart. Chicago: ALA, 1991. 444.

My note: These fees need to be adjusted for inflation.


Telephone Reference
Ready Reference: $.25/min
If staff must get up to answer $.50/min
Singing answer $5.00
  • in rhyme $6.00
  • with musical backup $7.50
Guaranteed correct answer $10.00

Reference Materials
  • first 1/2 hour $.35
  • succeeding half-hours $.50
  • back issues $.25
  • current issues, per half-hour $.50
*Note: Magazine binder locks when time is up.

Reader Guidance
Looking in card catalog for patron $.35
  • per author/title $.35
  • per subject $.50
*Penalty of $.25 for each incorrect author or title given to librarian.

Explaining Dewey system $2.98
Explaining LC system $5.98
Explaining AACR2 $1,000.00

Reference Questions
Directional questions $.05
Research questions, general $.50/ 3 min.
Switching subject in mid-question $1.50
Municipal or government documents $2.00
Looking up symptoms in Merck Manual $5.00
Genealogy questions $10.00
  • Repairing microfilm reader $20.00

* Contracts for the following reference questions available at reference desk. Notary on duty at all times.

Business questions 10% of profits
Explaining tax form 30% of refund
Explaining how to get divorce 20% alimony
Looking for non-payers in city directory for collection agency 50% of recovery.
Note: 20% discount on reference questions if you know what you want and can explain it in plain English.

Information and referral questions
Cop who fixes tickets $1.98
Honest mechanic $24.50

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Nike said...

I love this! Too bad my boss won't let me use some of these for our patrons.