Friday, January 13, 2006

Overheard in a College Liberry

A student working on a paper asked for help finding information on an artist for whom all the library's books were in foreign languages. Off we went to the reference section, where I showed him the Dictionary of Art (which is really a multi-volume encyclopedia), Oxford Companion to 20th Century Art, and more. He followed along as I showed him how to use the encyclopedia's index and was very pleased to find information on the artist as well as the artist's style, period and the artistic movement (Die Brücke) to which the artist belonged. The student asked, "If there's a Dictionary of Art, is there a Dictionary of Dance??" I said not by such a title, but yes, there were many similar resources for dance research, and we went and looked at those for his dance history paper. Happy and relieved to find so much material, the student said, "Wow. Now I feel like a real college student."

U of the Arts Liberries

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