Wednesday, January 11, 2006


This story is from my sister, but I'm blogging it because it has to do with a book and someone named Pedro (didn't change the name for this one).

Background-- My sister speaks Spanish and lives with a roommate named Michelle.


The most hilarious thing happened tonight. Michelle's mom called her, saying that a man (named Pedro) just called her, saying he had her wallet. Michelle's mom tried to talk to him, but Pedro did not speak English. Even though Michelle's mom had her wallet, she was concerned as to why Pedro had her number...she thought that maybe Pedro had Michelle's wallet or something else that belonged to their family. So Michelle asked me to call Pedro and talk to him in Spanish. Michelle stayed on the line with her mom and I called Pedro from my cell phone. I asked him questions about this which he first said he found in a book. I was like what? He then told me that he found the book in the trash....which only had 3 pages in it and Michelle's mom's phone #. We were so confused as to why Pedro would call someone to report a book someone had trashed (he didn't even know the title because there were only 3 pages left). I asked him if there was any $, credit cards, or anything in the wallet and he kept saying "nothing, nothing, just a book!" He then told me that he didn't find a wallet, just a book, and that he dialed the number in the book...which he said "wrong #." So ridiculous... It was the most bizarre thing. I was crying I was laughing so hard. Michelle and I just about died when I told her that all but 3 pages were ripped out of this book that Pedro found in the trash. So happy ending--Pedro has nothing that belongs to Michelle or her family.

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