Monday, January 30, 2006

Possible Patent

We need to find a way to prevent the customers from turning off the computers in attempt to hack around the timeout software. The perfect tool would the duct tape and a water bottle cap over the off button. Maybe I'll patent one.

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the stealthy librarian said...

I have a story (already written) from last fall that I sooo wish I could share with you. We had a patron coming in for awhile who was trying all sorts of crap. For awhile, he was using a bunch of different library card numbers to get extra time. Then one day he showed up with some sort of USB hard drive that he plugged in to the computer and it immediately removed the time-out screen and he could use the computers for as long as he wished. It was fascinating. He is now in jail for identity theft. Maybe if I edit out all the identifying details I could post the story on my blog. I dunno.