Monday, January 30, 2006

Still doesn't get it

I wrote the directions for the CD burners last year. Apparently, they weren't clear enough. Here's what has been happening @ a liberry branch:

We have been working with a customer over the past weeks who has been having a heck of a time saving things to a CD but then especially opening them again and making changes. He has repeatedly been given the printout of the FAQ but still does not seem to get it. He was in on Sat. and, according to what he said to me today, the 3 liberrians all tried and could not get it to work. I spent quite a while demonstrating the process, but he still had trouble when he attempted it on his own.

I watched him and the hang up for him seemed to be the whole concept of not working at all from the CD - not making any changes until you put a copy in the CD Burner Buffer. When he finally understood where and at what point the document says "Read-Only" I thought he had it. No, he still continued to get error messages that I never got when showing him.

Also, he says that it would help novice users if #4 under MAKING CHANGES TO FILES... was corrected to say, at the end, Click on "Open" instead of Click on “OK."

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