Friday, January 13, 2006

Unnecessary Messages to Liberry-All

Marian and I love to laugh at the unnecessary messages sent to the entire liberry email list.
  • Does anyone want these weeds? (long list of titles) followed by a message 10 minutes later-- "last chance."
  • We need 3 more boxes of calendars to distribute. Followed by more messages that continue the conversation-- yeah, we need more too. Same here...
  • I'm checking on the status of my application/interview. (Could have saved this person embarrassment).
  • And, a couple years ago we changed the branch codes from 3 to 2 letters. The problem was that some of the labels weren't legible. This began a long conversation sent to liberry-all. Guess what? We got a book meant to be sent to AB and we are BA... Oh yeah, same here, we got 3 books sent to the wrong branch.
My solution: The "liberry-all" should be removed from the address book. Instead, messages should be sent to HQ to be approved first. However, if I suggest it, it will be my job.

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Happy Villain said...

We complain about this at my library daily!

The consortium sends out an email: We have extra rubberbands. Who needs them?

536 emails (from every department in every library in entire consortium) respond to all saying yes or no.

The consortium sends out an email: Thanks for the responses. We will send them out.

536 responses thank them.

Meanwhile, my inbox is beeping and coughing and sputtering out complaints that it's going down, abandon ship.

I think folks need to have the "respond to all" buttons removed from their toolbar.

I elect you in charge of this!