Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Updates about my fav customers from Frank

I had to interrupt Mr. By the Way's job coach's internet session the other day because I just couldn't take it anymore. The next time Mr. BTW came to the desk, the job coach came up and intercepted him. That was last week.

I saw Mr. Shrek 2 on one of the computers today as I passed by. I didn't notice what website he was on, but I can guess.

Conspiracy guy has been asking for some complicated ILL microfilm requests lately, which we have been filling for him. But trying to talk him through the steps of ordering while he goes on about this and that makes for an interesting "reference interview."

Mr. Seeee Ya Later came up to me at the desk with a fistful of ball point pens which he handed to me. "Garbage," he said. "Trash," he said, making breaking -in -two motions. He said it 6 or 7 times. I had left the pens on the desk while I was talking to a customer. He finally left. The customer said, "I think he means those pens are garbage." I tried the pens. They worked fine.

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the stealthy librarian said...

Hmm. I'm behind. I don't know much about your conspiracy guy. We have one too, of course. Our guy thinks everything is a grand conspiracy that leads up to JFK's assassination. Of course, everthing since then is a massive effort to cover-up the assassination plot.