Thursday, February 23, 2006

Talented and Resourceful

I was just going through some old files, and I found this entry from the old in-house newsletter that I used to write for (now defunct).

[Lots of mundane stuff about new staff and summer reading programs]

...Despite all of this news, the most exciting thing is that we have finally gotten the plumbing fixed! We were without public toilets for nearly a week, (and without internet for most of a day) and as the branch librarian said, having neither toilets nor internet really cleared the place out! There was a lot of noise, and various official-looking people covered in dirt walking around, and a whole incident with part of a drain snake getting lost 75 feet down a pipe, but they finally discovered the source of the problem—somehow someone had managed to flush a large pair of scissors down the toilet. Never let it be said that our customers are not talented and resourceful.


Anonymous said...

haha... WHAT?! :-)

Marian The said...

True story!

PandoraTheVamp said...

That is truly hillarious.