Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Update from Sarah

Yay, I heard from Sarah! Here's her update on her new job--

Hello Miss Amy--

Nice to be included and I love the picture you gave me, but it's not cuz I couldn't take the Li-beri, but cuz there was a substantial opportunity to learn some wonderful tools, a huge jump in responsiblities, cuz literacy is an amazingly feel-good thing to get behind and cuz the $ increase was something I wasn't going to see ... and I've got a large family to support. I LOVED the liberry and hated to leave. Please know that. I yearn for the Reference Desk almost every day, but in the meantime, wrote a $700,000 grant in these last 2 weeks and that was an amazing thing to learn.

Anyway, I read you a couple of times a week and look forward to the "news." However, I was nothing less than astonished by Mr. Hanky. How could that have happened? OMIGOD!

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