Sunday, March 05, 2006

Liberry Customer I've Seen in the 629s

While I was in a nice long line @ the drugstore today, I was entertained by a typical do-it-yourself-er customer I've seen in the 629s. The yell phone conversation when like this-

Can you hear me? Yello? That's better. What's up my son...
You what? Don't tell me you crashed the new truck... oh, ... good... All you need to do is pour some gasoline into the carburetor. Just a little, not from the can. Just put it in a little container and pour it right into the carburetor. But be real careful. Then try to fire her up and she if she starts.

(I love it when people refer to their cars as shes).

... You know what, you better have a fire extinguisher handy when you are working on the carburetor. Yeah, yeah, I love you too dude.


Why doesn't the dude wait unitl Daddy comes home if a fire extinguisher is going to be involved!

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