Friday, May 19, 2006

Open Letter

Dear Library Customer:

If you would like my assistance, please say something. Even just “Hey!” is fine.
Do not freaking GESTURE at me as if I were a servant.

Thanks so much,

Librarian, Marian The
[County] Library, [City] Branch


Anonymous said...

In cases like this I calmly and politely explain that I will not respond to being treated that way. They are still welcome to make the gesture, but they should not expect that I will respond. They quickly learn. Many such people are not even aware that they are being rude, and when you give them a chance and explain it to them properly, they almost always come around. krnewman

Nike said...

Being polite and explaining to them why you find that gesture insulting is good.
However, I find either ignoring them or chopping off the offending digit- arm whatever more satisfiying.

Anonymous said...

Well, yes, there is always plan b, but one must try plan a first. krnewman

Anonymous said...

i had a similar work experience, but with a co-worker. i was supervising the call center floor during our busiest holiday (for anonymity - since you people like to keep things vague- we'll call it "jesusmas"), this seasonal whistles for me go and help him. I was in the middle of a conversation with someone, so wasn't REALLY sure if he actually whistled at me to get my attention. So I finished up the conversation and walked over to him, and after helping him, I asked "did you whistle at me?" he nodded, and i responded "don't do that.". The entire rest of the season - 2 months - he addressed me with "Sir". I'm not quite how this experience might benefit you. Maybe you can tell your patron "don't gesture - if you need help, ask." It's direct, and there is not much room for confusion :-)