Saturday, July 29, 2006

Junior Yenta

I was chatting with a kid (about 8 years old, I think) the other day and we were getting along pretty well, so he says
"You should really meet my brother!"
and I say, "Oh really?"
and then the kid says "Oh wait, how old are you?"
and I say "thirty"
and the kid is all "...oh. Never mind, then."


Anonymous said...

AH! funny and tragic at the same time. How cute, though, that he was playing cupid! :-)

Anonymous said...

umm, didn't the post use to be instantaneous? how gayinabadway is this new system. i end up doubting whether or not i actually commented.

how cute is this little kid?! i bet his brother is really into D&D, too. match mad in heaven!!!

Marian The said...

Oh, sorry, the comments come to me first so I can moderate them--basically just so I can see when people comment.

And shut up, I don't play D&D!
Not that there's anything wrong with that...