Saturday, August 05, 2006

Wasn't what?

Written inside the back cover of Horseman, Pass By by Larry McMurtry:

"I mean, it wasn't"

and in a different hand, the number 14.

Maybe they were in the middle of a letter and got the book mixed up with the stationery? Odd.


krnewman said...

I experience what can only be a similar confusion when reading this blog. The purpose or meaning of it so transparent I can't see anything. What, indeed, is the frequency, Kenneth, I ask myself. "Library patrons do and say goofy things sometimes" ? Well, Art Linkletter made a fortune with a TV show that noticed the same thing about children back in the 1960's, so I guess it's not too obvious to be taken for granted, nor too trivial to notice and enjoy. But compared to what? Everybody everywhere says and does goofy things. I think I will encourage a consortium of library patrons to start a collective blog in which they post the goofy things that librarians who deal with the public say and do.


Marian The said...

Well, you should. I might read it.

We happen to work in a library, so that's where we see most of the goofy things we post about.

It mainly started for our own amusement, so if you're not entertained...well, there are millions of other blogs out there!