Friday, September 15, 2006

Philosophy is so STRESSFUL!

Today we were having fun looking at the Jobs Rated Almanac, and were amused to discover what they think are the top 10 least stressful jobs:

1. Musical Instrument Repairer
2. Florist
3. Medical Records Technician
4. Actuary
5. Forklift Operator
6. Appliance Repairer
7. Medical Secretary
8. Librarian
9. Bookkeeper
10. File Clerk

It's more stressful to be a file clerk? Really?
And guess what other professions are supposedly more stressful than ours:

17. Bookbinder
26. Jeweler
33. Cosmetologist
39. Dental Laboratory Technician
50. Astronomer
71. Antiques Dealer
72. Philosopher
77. Dressmaker
92. Archaeologist (and not Indiana Jones, just the regular brushing-off-dirt-with-a-toothbrush kind)
126. Chiropractor
197. Travel Agent

Not to mention the fact that we often perform several of these jobs during the course of the day...

Of course, there was also this article earlier this year saying that librarians' jobs are more stressful than those of emergency services workers.

I think the truth is probably somewhere in between, really.

P. S. Here is an Amazon review from a florist:

[one star]
My review is based on excerpts that appeared in the newspaper. I am a florist who employs 10 people; we have worked and networked with many florists, and can say conclusively that the rating of "florist" as the 5th least stressful job is totally unbelievable. Although this information reportedly comes from telephone surveys, there is NO WAY anyone spoke to a real florist to arrive at this conclusion! All of us have worked a variety of jobs, none more stressful than floristry. I won't go into the many reasons why this is so; my point is, this rating is so far from realistic that I have zero confidence in these ratings.


Luke said...

I found your blog to day and I love it. Keep writing.


Marian The said...

Hi Luke! Thanks!