Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Author Visit?

List Guy is back.

He is a HUGE Nancy Drew fan. Last week, he came in with a bag of 3 brand new ones, the original facsimile editions.

Him: I went to Barnes and Nobles today, I'm sure you've heard of them--they're booksellers. I bought these books to donate to the library!

Are you sure? Don't you want to keep them for yourself?

Him: Oh, I'm sure. I want Helen to be proud of me. [He wants Helen to be on his list too, but she said she wasn't eligible because she's already married]

Me: Well, thanks, then.

So then today he comes in and wants a list printed of all Gary Paulsen's books.

Him: Because I'm Gary Paulsen.

Me: You're Gary Paulsen?

Him: Yep, my clinical psychologist looked him up and all it said under Gary Paulsen was [List Guy's name].

Me: Huh. Well, here's your list.

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