Wednesday, November 08, 2006

You Know You Work in a Library When...

--In the restroom at headquarters, they keep the paper towels in a Princeton file

--You use book tape instead of band-aids on your blisters

--You have to stop yourself from saying "Reference Desk" when you answer your phone at home

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Anonymous said...

love your blog. I went right to the posts tagged "bathroom."
I started a running list of "you know you've been a librarian too long when..." (for example) you accept that fixing running toilets is part of your job description; you realize that cell phone conversations are amplified greatly when carried on in a bathroom (by patrons who think it is more private in there),you don't even expect people to read signs but you do expect them to complain if there are no signs,you develop a poker face that remains immoveable no matter what question you are asked and you usually answer questions with a question. and so on.