Monday, February 27, 2006

Level of persistency = hilarious

Last month we demo-ed three similar products: A, B, and C. They are services the liberry can provide -- customers to subscribe to a daily email and get a chapter a day or whatnot. Product A and B were great; Product C was another story. And, the vendor for Product C calls/emails at least once a week. Today I sent him the canned message: thanks, but no thanks. He replies with about a 4 page email with reasons we should buy his product. The end of the email says I hope to hear from you soon.

My supervisor told me not to contact him and just hope he gets the message. I'm glad I'll be out of the office for the next couple of days because I just know he will call. Keeps him employed & gives him something to do I guess.

We made it to the top 100

Top 100 misspelled words

Liberry: It may be as enjoyable as a berry patch but that isn't the way it is spelled. That first [r] should be pronounced, too.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tax Forms, 2005

A story I just remembered today--

Last year our alert security guard wasn't so alert the days before April 15. We had boxes and boxes of tax forms, and some of these were stolen and sold on the corner for $.25/each.

So, I called my dad, a retired lawyer for the IRS. Dad, is it illegal to steal and sell tax forms?
Yes, call the cops if you have a description of the guy.

Of course we couldn't catch the creep.

Talented and Resourceful

I was just going through some old files, and I found this entry from the old in-house newsletter that I used to write for (now defunct).

[Lots of mundane stuff about new staff and summer reading programs]

...Despite all of this news, the most exciting thing is that we have finally gotten the plumbing fixed! We were without public toilets for nearly a week, (and without internet for most of a day) and as the branch librarian said, having neither toilets nor internet really cleared the place out! There was a lot of noise, and various official-looking people covered in dirt walking around, and a whole incident with part of a drain snake getting lost 75 feet down a pipe, but they finally discovered the source of the problem—somehow someone had managed to flush a large pair of scissors down the toilet. Never let it be said that our customers are not talented and resourceful.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Marian has a new project

So, I finally started that reading blog I've been meaning to do forever.

I'm just going to write a little bit about the books I read, mainly so I can remember what they were, but if any of y'all want to check it out, it's at .

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

They always think we're "volunteers"

Comment from Frank

Re "Mr. Hanky," a few weeks ago I heard David Sedaris read a piece on NPR on just that subject. I thought, no way that really happens. And then, what do you know?

Update from Sarah

Yay, I heard from Sarah! Here's her update on her new job--

Hello Miss Amy--

Nice to be included and I love the picture you gave me, but it's not cuz I couldn't take the Li-beri, but cuz there was a substantial opportunity to learn some wonderful tools, a huge jump in responsiblities, cuz literacy is an amazingly feel-good thing to get behind and cuz the $ increase was something I wasn't going to see ... and I've got a large family to support. I LOVED the liberry and hated to leave. Please know that. I yearn for the Reference Desk almost every day, but in the meantime, wrote a $700,000 grant in these last 2 weeks and that was an amazing thing to learn.

Anyway, I read you a couple of times a week and look forward to the "news." However, I was nothing less than astonished by Mr. Hanky. How could that have happened? OMIGOD!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Today in training, the instructor said

A PC is just a machine; a Mac is an extension of your personality.

Update from Tara

The other day it was almost closing, and the security guard approaches the reference desk and whispers to us "we have a problem." "What is it?" Answer: "There's poop on the floor." And sure enough over by the computer workstations, there was a dark brown hunk of Mr. Hanky, several inches long. We all were thinking, ok i hope it's from a baby diaper...but no one remembered seeing any toddlers running around in that area....

We thought maybe it was a public comment on the new timeout software :)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Effective Use of Graphics

I'm taking an online class for CSS, and most of the images are similar to this one. Very entertaining.

Friday, February 03, 2006

USPS Rocks

I was so happy when the Jim Henson stamps were issued. These are almost as cool...

Demanding Grumps

Today I came early to open the computer lab for an outside group. They were so demanding- couldn't log in, etc. Then I looked @ their content-- they were from the mortuary learning about death certificates and a vital records database. There are worse jobs than being a liberrian. Actually, what could be better?

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Tech Support

I had to call tech support for the past three days because my Adobe Acrobat program wouldn't work. The guy had to remote in, so he saw this image as my wallpaper. He said, so, did you take that?

No, I found it on flickr.

He goes on and on and on about how he loves underwater photography, how expensive underwater cameras are, and how he's going to get his scuba licence.