Saturday, July 29, 2006

Dullest Refgrunt Ever

[Can you even call it a refgrunt when there is no actual ref going on?]

We open at 10:00, though the building has been open since 9 for the Friends of the Library book sale.

Are you open now?


Can my son still get his summer reading prize?
--Sure. Congratulations!

Is there a book sale today? I thought I saw a sign.
--Yes, it’s in the community room.

Is there a wait to use the computers?
--If you make a reservation, it will tell you how long.

Does the number here mean the computer number?
Oh, okay, that’s the one that’s open.

Sorry to keep bugging you, but it won’t let me on.
--Oh, you have to enter it here, not there. And put the number lock on.
Oh, that was probably it. Thank you!

A kid in a computer user’s lap spills his baby kibble all over the keyboard.

Can you cancel my reservation?

If a computer’s open, do you have to make a reservation?
--Not if it says “Available”.

I forgot my PIN.
--Come over here and I’ll reset it for you…oh, whoops, you have to put it in twice. There you go.

Are you busy?
--No! What can I help you find??
I’m looking for a book called Sophie’s World.

It turns out all the copies in our system and in the city system are checked out. She needs it right away, of course.

And can I get another library card from you? I haven’t been in here since 5th grade.
--Sure, but it costs $2 for a replacement card.
Can’t I just use a different name?
--Um, it doesn’t exactly work like that.

Can I borrow a pen or pencil?

Hello, I printed something out.
--You can pick it up at the front desk.

Miss, can you help me? I can’t get the “back” button to work on the browser.
--Try using “backspace”?
Yep, that works.

Time for lunch

Junior Yenta

I was chatting with a kid (about 8 years old, I think) the other day and we were getting along pretty well, so he says
"You should really meet my brother!"
and I say, "Oh really?"
and then the kid says "Oh wait, how old are you?"
and I say "thirty"
and the kid is all "...oh. Never mind, then."

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Kids are smarter than you think

Today we had an Animal Lady visit the library. She had a poisonous toad, and a boa constrictor or something, with like 4 kids lined up in a row holding it.

Animal Lady: Is this a poisonous snake?

Kids: NO!

Animal Lady: How do you know?

One Kid: Because you're letting them hold it!

Information Wholesale

Two nice blonde ladies come up to the desk...

NBL#1: We have to do a skit, so could you look up some blonde jokes for us?

Me: Sure, what kind do you need?

NBL#1: Oh, it doesn't matter. Just Google it and print off a couple pages.

Me:'s some. [There are pages and pages and pages] How many do you want? It's 15 cents a page.

NBL#1: Hm, maybe 3?

NBL#2: Oh, get five.

NBL#1: Well, I've got a dollar, so just give me a dollar's worth.