Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New and disturbing categories of books that are often stolen:

How To Start Your Own Daycare Business
How to Tie Knots.

Apparently people are starting day-cares, tying up the children, and reading Mein Kampf and A Child Called It to them until they are old enough to take the ASVAB test.


Lunar Brogue said...

Some possible companions: The ABC of Bankruptcy; Big Bikkies is Child's Play - learning to take risks with other peoples' money; or The Nightmare of Daycare - the trials of a (reformed) plasticine plutocrat.

Marian The said...

All written by Scott Bilker, no doubt!

Woeful said...

Chapter 1: Overhead
Begin by stealing public property to cut costs... Rinse; repeat.

Lisa said...

Do they have my lib's copies of two Fran Drescher biographies, too? Yesterday, my coworkers got extra worked-up over how they could be Missing.

Marian The said...

Well, as we all know, Ms. Drescher is an expert on child care. So it stands to reason.