Thursday, April 12, 2007


Today I helped a woman find some Mary Higgins Clark and Dean Koontz books. She picked up the Koontz she is currently reading and said to me, "I'm reading this now. It's at home. When I finish it, I'll give it to you. You can keep it."

I helped a man find the space bar. He was trying to apply to be a ticket taker at the local fair, and the application had to be submitted online. He struggled through the application, not knowing how to use a mouse or type. When he left, he thanked me for helping him become a "computer expert."

A woman asked me what types of flowers she can plant to scare away the snakes in her yard.

A girl in junior high asked me about several DVDs. We only had one on her list. As I was typing the titles into the OPAC she whispered to me, "Why is everyone on MySpace? Even old people are on MySpace."

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