Thursday, November 01, 2007

Some Refgrunts Are More Exciting Than Others

10:00 – Open

10:11 – “Do you have a book called The Giving Tree? My friend said it was a good read.”

10:40 – A lady wants to request a whole mess of new thriller novels.

10:45 – A gentleman can’t find out it’s

10:53 – Wants to sign up for the seminar room every day next month

10:58 – New John Grisham—300 people on the waiting list.

11:00 – Collapse by Jared Diamond

[off desk]

12:01 -- A gentleman can't find Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert--that's because there's a huge waiting list.

12:11 -- Robert B. Parker's new book, and do we have Ocean's 13 yet? We don't.

12:17 -- Where do I find books about presidents--are they under their name, or what?

12:24 -- Where am I on the list for the DVD of The Secret?
Hey, you're #1!
I am? Finally!! I used to be #37!

12:32 -- I can't find anything about Jackson or Monroe.

12:50 -- Can I borrow the hole punch?

12:53 -- Returns hole punch.

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