Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Today's Refgrunt, 10AM - 12PM

10 AM- Liberry opens and the crowd comes in:

Do we have to sign up?

Please turn down your music.


Books about the 1968 olympics in Mexico City.

Can you help me? can't remember PIN.

Biodiversity ecosystem nitrogen cycle- for a college biology paper

Hi you guys, I'm just lookin around.

Do you have to have a library card to use the computers?

I'm looking for someone, my coach, can you help me find him? What's his name?  I forgot.  What does he look like?  Brown eyes... a haircut.

What do Ineed to do to get on the Internet?

Does this have print capabilities?

Need to find the sheriffs dot net dot com.

Where do I pick up my prints?

Where do I make a reservation?

I (Amy) restarted offline computer.

Loud cell phone ring, 4x.

Loud cell phone ring again, 2x.

I need to borrow a pencil, write some titles.

The new Eric Clapton book-- on order.

Customer asks Frank:  Where would i find your how to books?  . . . . on how to re-get my lost all my identity stuff.

How do i get on the computer?

Set the PIN.

I need to file unemployment.  Can you do it for me?  Just kidding...

Brave New World & Life of Pi

Ordered 4 titles

I told the customer to go to Google dot com.  He types in google.comb.

I need a workers comp lawyer.

Plumbing code

Books on dowsing and divining rod.

Customer interrupts-- Do i just push done on that?

And interrupts again-- I don't know how to turn it off.

12:00 PM:  Lunchtime!  Seeeeeeee ya later.

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