Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Today a woman ran to the reference desk and whispered in an intense tone- call the police, the man on computer #5 keeps following me. He sits next to me, follows me home, he raped me, but I'm pregnant by an angel.

Of course I'm alone at the desk, so I go to the back room and tell whoever wants to listen the story and help me. Frank remembered the woman because she said a similar thing before about someone else. He said absolutely don't call 911.

Fortunately, the security guard had just arrived for her shift. She listened to the woman tell her story again with even more intensity. She told the woman, if you can calm down, I will let you use my phone to call the police. I can't call, she [Amy] can't call. But you need to calm down.

And the woman went back to her computer!

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