Friday, June 13, 2008

You just have to get lucky

Background: This patron, call him Andrew, asked me to meet him for coffee sometime. (Obviously I said no).

Andrew comes to the desk and asks why he has to wait an hour for the computer while the person behind him in line got right on the computer without a wait. I explained to Andrew that we can't predict when someone will get up early. It is just the way the system works; you have to get lucky to not have to wait.

He replied, yeah, just like you have to get lucky in who dates you.


Kate said...

OH! Someone at the public library at which I used to work asked me out once. I had to explain to him that he was nearly twice my age. (I was 22, and he was in his 30s, plus was divorced which adds on another 5 emotional years). He stopped showing up soon after I told him I had a boyfriend already (and he was a regular).

InfoBee-yotch said...

Thanks, as an old bag in her thirties I am still not twice your age--wait until you get a tad older and you will soon resent the implications that at 30 something you must be old, stale, and uncool from a twenty something who thinks Britney Spears has musical talent.

I did have a man almost 70 (that's a little more than twice my age) who looks Gene Wilder hit on me. I was not impressed.