Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Frank is missed

One of Frank's "friends" was frustrated with the computer and so he told his wife, I'll just wait until Frank is working and he'll do it for me. His wife said, who's Frank? and he replied, oh, he's one of the techs here. Since they were standing @ the desk, I told him that Frank doesn't work here anymore.

I could have said, by the way, he's an LII and was never a tech.


Sarah said...

I still value and try to emulate the even way that Frank assisted patrons and try to emulate his excellent skills. He was an amazing mentor, even though he didn't know he was mentoring me at the beginning of my public library career.

Kelsey said...

Awww Frank! I miss Frank, too. If I'm guessing correctly who Frank is.

Marian The said...

Yep, Frank who moved to another branch.
Everyone misses Frank! But I'm going to see him at a meeting tomorrow so I'll tell him you said hi.