Sunday, July 06, 2008

I got your refgrunt right here, baby.

2:30—Nearly operatic saga of getting the trolley schedule to print without cutting the sides off, Jesus Christ.

2:35—How do I get on the internet?

2:42—Can I trouble you for a paper and pencil? We need to write down some things from the auto repair book since you can’t check them out.
We do have a copier, actually.
Oh, you do???

2:44—How do I sign up for the internet?

2:45—Excuse me, that girl over there in the blue shirt is causing trouble.

2:46—How do I read this? (Computer reservation slip)

2:47—Anything and everything on grandparents’ visitation rights

2:50—Where do I pick up copies?

2:52—Renter’s rebate form

2:55—Phone: Can I reserve a book?
Sure, which one? Or just any one?
(heh) Lonely Planet Mexico.

2:57—2006 tax table

2:59—Why can’t I get on those computers?

3:00—Can you cancel my reservation so I can try to get on another computer sooner?

3:01—Explain the reservation process yet again

3:04—Can I ask one bathroom?

3:05—Can’t make a reservation; I make one for her

3:06—Phone: Pocket Full of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield (#73 on the list)

3:08—Can’t log in with reservation I made, was using wrong PIN

3:15—Phone: another branch wants an ILL but the book is too new

3:20—SAT prep book

3:22—CA marijuana laws

3:29—Can you please turn that music down?

3:32—Asked twice, music guy is NOT PLEASED to have to turn it down.

3:34—How do we sign up for the internet? Can we use this card?
Sorry, you have to get another card for our system.
You mean there is more than one library system in this county?

3:35—Where is the bathroom?

3:35—Can I check out 3 books at once?

3:36—Where is computer 19?

3:36—That kid really smells.

3:37—Haines Directory

3:38—How do I sign up for the internet?

3:40—Can I just jump on one sooner? I don’t want to wait an hour and a half.

3:41—Can you cancel this reservation so I can get a sooner one?

3:42—“Jodi Piccolo” books? Or books like her?

3:46—Can you help me get on this computer?

3:50—AIDS in Africa

3:54—Can you give me a reservation?

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