Thursday, July 10, 2008

No shirt, no shoes, no ?

One woman got kicked out yesterday because she was wearing a bikini with a short t-shirt. (no shorts/pants). A customer came to the desk and asked Maureen (the sub) to do something about the way the woman was dressed. Maureen told her that she = wearing inappropriate attire. This became a loud argument between the customer and the bikini woman.

PJ, the branch manager, and Sharon, the LIII, stepped in. The woman was upset that it wasn't written on the door that she couldn't wear a bikini (next to no shirt, no shoes, no service). PJ and Sharon explained that we can't write EVERY rule on the door and asked the woman to leave.

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hamuhamu said...

I used to work at a public library that was located across the street from the city's community pool. In the summer, about 1/4 of the patrons would be wandering around in swimsuits and towels (without their library cards, of course, and some still wet). Everyone just accepted it.