Friday, July 25, 2008

Vet Guy returns

Paula came to sub today, and she dealt with Vet Guy. He came to the liberry after an interview he had to be a pet groomer. He asked Paula to look up phone numbers for his references. He named off a company and Paula asked him how to spell it. He just rolled his eyes and said just like it sounds. She said you have to help me, does it have and e or an i, and he said he didn't know.

(5 minutes later)

VG returns to the desk. Does Amtrak allow pets? Paula researched and found the answer to be no.

(5 minutes later)

VG: What's the toll free number for a free credit report?

(5 minutes later)

VG: Do you know of a taxi service or a personal pet caretaker that would transport my pets?
(I found this site).


After he left, Paula commented, He is a character. A couple days ago he asked what is the state with the lowest mortgage rate. Then he asked if there is a program for people with bad credit.

She continued, his mind is there, but he is the most unpleasant person!

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