Monday, August 04, 2008

A Day @ the Juv Desk...

  • Do you have a calculator?
  • Are these all the DVDs you have?
  • A Mother: I have a list of books from my kid's kindergarten teacher.
    • Me: Which ones do you want? Mother: All of them.
  • Do you have the Batman movie? Do you have Bourne Ultimatum? What about Christ the Road to Cana?
  • I'm lookin for my wife and daughter. A pregnant woman and a gorgeous little girl. Seen them?
  • I'm registered with another county. Is it ok to use this card with this county? I don't want to take the time to register.
  • Do you have crayons?
  • I want to put a movie on hold. How much are the dult ones?
  • Can I have a question... does my card from City X work in this county?
  • Do you have that movie called Bones?
  • Can you help my mom play cards on the computer?
  • Do you have Spongebob movies?
  • (Girl with about 10 DVDs): I watch 'em all in a row in a day.
  • I wanna use the Internet. Can I use this card from City X?
  • You guys have a great liberry here. Who knows, maybe we'll move here.
  • Um, I've like never been here before. Do you have a big comfy couch where I could lay down? [not a service we provide]
  • Girl with piles of audiobooks wants me to find the books to go with them.
  • Local author calls and wants to set up a program.
  • Got a paperclip by any chance? I just need one.
  • Do you have Stargate Continuum and do I have any outstanding balance?
  • 10 year old girl looking for Nancy Drew...
  • Do you have vol. 1 of The Saint?
  • I'm going on vacation soon; do you have Pretty Little Liars?
  • I need to know where Union Bank and Wells Fargo Banks are. (While I'm looking it up, she blabs on her phone-- "yeah, I just got off the Internet...")
  • Where can I return these books?
  • I want to play games on these computers.
  • List of Caldecott books.
  • No volume on the AWE stations.
  • Books by Bruce D. Perry.
    • Me: I see Bruce Duncan Perry in the catalog. Is that him?
    • Woman: No, Bruce D. Perry.
    • Me: D as in Dog?
    • Woman: Yes.
  • Where's the door?
  • Origami books
  • Caller: I'd like the fax number for the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC.
  • Teen wants Little Miss Spider.
  • Kid wants books on religion, any.
  • Girl fighting with her mom:
    • Mom: Say it louder, why don't you?
    • Girl (yelling): Why are you being an asshole?
    • Mom: You better find someone else to type your stuff for you.
  • Rumplestiltskin
  • Woman picks up a Dewey Decimal System bookmark and reads it. Then she asks, "Dewey Decimal System, what is that?" I describe it to her and she returns the bookmark to me and tells me she doesn't need it.
  • Where's my mommy?
  • Eloise movie.
  • Do you have Cookie magazine?
  • Do you have the unemployment application?
  • Tech guy comes to research double booking on the reservation software.
  • Woman asks if Kids Liberrian still works here. (No, she retired).
  • Do you have Spongebob movies?
  • Do you have Kidz Bop CD's?


Kelsey said...

You officially get to thank me for 3 of those situations because they came to me first, and I sent 'em right down to you!

Ms. Nancy said...

Heh heh heh. I'm starting my first job as a library assistant and have roped my mom into babysitting my kids for the rest of the(ir) summer while I start work. She asked me today, "Can't you work from home? Why not?"

(Visions of myself carting boxes of books to my house... barcoding... taping... entering in database...)