Monday, August 18, 2008

Highlights from my first day back from vacation...

Older Woman: Why are the fines so high? (books are .25/day). I bet if Frank were here, he would know the answer.... why can we only check books out for 3 weeks? I've been away from the liberry for a while, but 3 weeks is ridiculous. Can you read 3 books in 3 days?


Boy about 12: Can we sharpen paper?


Then AquaRide shows up... they drive it into the reference office!


Man: If I were to give my extra time on the Internet to someone else, and they downloaded child porn or researched how to make a bomb, the government would know it was my card so they would know it was me.

I explain to him that we don't track anything, and he said, oh yes, the government does track everything. Every phone call. Everything.

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Anonymous said...

These days, though, that last man might be right, and the government hasn't decided they're actually telling us that yet.