Monday, September 08, 2008

Incidents I've been meaning to blog...

Do you have anything on laws no one tells you about, like how I could get in trouble? A big book of all the laws. Like when someone has you on a leash and they won't let go. That old Chinese guy, what's his name, oh yeah, Confucius.


Old woman: Mary Mary quite contrary... what's the next line? .... What's a cockle shell?


People with electric scooters ride them in high gear through the liberry. We need a speed limit.


Kids with razor scooters cruise through the liberry.


Why is it so hard to read the computer reservation receipt? Just look at it: time, computer #. I guess that gives me a job to interpret the receipt.



Jess said...

I agree with the last one so much!

Tanja said...

I know!
I am a flight attendant, and it seems to be so hard to open a toiletdoor once you are in a aircraft.

Even the once you have to push, it says in big letters 'push', and then they pull out the ashtray....