Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Last night at the ref desk

Enthusiastic Patron (after I helped him): "What's your name?! Give yourself a raise, an office with a window and a private parking space!"

Me with Big Grin: "Working with the public is reward enough for me!!!"

And later in the night...

Old man at the Ref Desk: "I sure hope you can help me. I wrote a 286 page autobiography, and i'm writing to all of the libraries to see if they'd be interested in buying it. But the phonebook doesn't list zip codes."

He proceeds to put his personal (well-used and underlined) copy of the white pages on the reference desk and, indeed, only branch names and telephone numbers are listed.

I gave him our standard brochure listing branch addresses (with zip codes) and he was so excited he gave me a pen with his name on it ("This is your prize for a job well done! And it's the last one!").

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