Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Woman with neck brace

Woman wearing a neck brace was asking about Sylvia Browne books. She had already been to the adult desk, but she approached me @ the kids desk. When I asked for the title, she couldn't give it to me. Would you like me to order something for you?

She went off on how rude the other liberrian was to her, telling her that all the SB books are checked out. Later I talked to the other liberrian, and she said that the woman threatened to never come back again!


Anonymous said...

i heard it was more dramatic than that. as i heard it, it was something to the effect of "shh! don't speak. if you say ANYTHING i will leave and never come back again!"

Marian The said...

Let's hope she was just on some kind of drugs for her neck and is usually a lovely person. Right??

Anonymous said...

Let's hope she comes back (on drugs or off) because I would love to say something after she threatened to leave and never come back. Nothing fancy, mind you. Just an "Oh?" or "I apologize" or "I don't understand". :-)