Monday, December 01, 2008

Today's Refgrunt


my son only likes batman movies

spell heinous as in a crime

i'm just half asleep, don't mind me; looking for grandfather's death
; he died in 1923 in illinois

obit search-- i don't know the maiden name, i don't know when she died

Movie Guy: showdown-- just returned it -- we don't have it -- uncataloged

shelf check-- not found

Movie Guy: teenage mutant ninja turtles- volumes 2-6
i don't see the fastforward one here, are you sure?
samurai jack
all cartoon series
jonny quest-- "new one looks way differenter"
danny phantom nick series
can you write down "tv series" on a piece of paper so i know what i am looking for?

a book that like shows you how to make paper airplanes out of paper

sweden and switzerland

butterflies: books, music, videos, and fine art


I need your love.... is that true on CDB
Thank you sweetheart

computer catalog?

how do i get on the internet, it's been 2 years since I've been here

can't remember PIN... change your name? yes, i got married. congratulations???

can i print

still got those 15 minute dealies on the computer?

caps lock reservation

file for unemployment

weed a few ATs

can't log on

doesn't have card, doesn't know pin

filing for unemployment

how long do you hold the reservation

are these first come first serve?

consumer reports

move the mouse to find when it starts

today's paper

we can't get into these computers?

comp cut me off in the middle of my unemployment application

armando jorge-- any others? 18 books, she only found one

golf pencil

directions-- google maps

can't get on computer

just go to the yellow screen?

never used these computers, what do i need to do

don't have the betty crocker cookbook
where is it, why

where's the bathroom

if i need to use one of your computers
i don't have a lib card
"my stupid comp took a crap today"

this is pathetic you know, i have to wait 2 hours just to use the computer

ordered at least 10 books for caller-- she kept saying i have "one or two more"

famous customer names-- person in twilight and famous comedian; the famous comedian said "she gets paid for her sense of humor, i get punished for mine"

could you just write there (in her son's record) "his father is an asshole"

can't find item on holdshelf (it was there, alphabetically, right where it should be)

civil war movie interesting for a 10 year old
totally yawning, i'm only finding documentaries
"and the revolutionary war is the same, right?"

doesn't want card to get on the computer

how to print on blackboard

cancel my reservation


10 minute rule

cancel-- supposed to be home already

resumes-- up to date book

how to get the 15 min computer

forgot my code

monk season 1

alt F4

where do you guys have your movies

Juan Soldado 972.23 VAN

check out this book but i don't have my card

move from floppy to CD

how come all the open computers

book on industrialization

why can't i get on this computer
oh, the receipt says #13, not #6. sorry

ordered a book, where do i pick it up?

could i borrow your stapler real quick please

could you close your screen to release the record?

hi how are you

imaginary men by banerjee

hello, um. let me go get the book (leaves & comes back)
cirque du freak series
#1 & 2

caller @ home on computer
landscape design
how to
i repeated the liberry's website 4 times... "c as in county, l as in library dot org. g as in great"

movies on secret societies-- illuminati / freemasons

is there any like kid books on harriet tubman?

order stop walking on eggshells. 7 people waiting for 1 book.

is there any way i can search the other libraries out of this system? i know
at library x i can search your catalog.


how can i use the computer
we are booked, but you can wait for a 15 minute terminal over there

"where are your books on politics? i'm just walking around"

true crime section?

long winded customer tells me about some mint condition autographed graphic novel book was stolen from them; then she tells me about harry potter # 6 & 7

cussler: arctic drift

6th grader is looking for hahn stepping on the cracks
then an express internet opens up, she doesn't want the book anymore

no reservation can be made
can i get on a computer?

online customer finds book that was claims returned; very embarrassed; what to do now?

locked my computer, can't remember the password

is #20 available?

can i call my mom to tell her to pick me up? (t-1 minute before closing)

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